The Ketterman Temperament Preference Inventory for Adults (KTPI-A.) Please enter a number between 1-5, to indicate how strongly you feel about the question.

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Choose a number between (0-5) that reflects how you naturally are, not how you would like others to view you.

1I am naturally organized. I create order and structure in my life.

2I need to do fun and exciting things in my life.

3I value gaining knowledge. I want to spend my time discovering and learning more about what interests me.

4I like it when everyone around me gets along and does not argue or fight because I need and value harmony.

5I need others to show that they really care about me.

6I am curious'. I like to ask questions and want to know why.

7I need change and excitement in my life, or I become bored.

8I like to plan ahead. I need to be prepared ahead of time.

9I like to think deeply about subjects that interest me.

10I am naturally spontaneous. I do things without thinking.

11I naturally care about people and need them to care about me.

12I naturally do what is right and like to follow the rules.

13I like to take the risks that sometimes get me in trouble.

14I need to be treated so I feel special and important to others.

15I live a cautious life. I need to be safe and avoid danger.

16I like to tell others what I know and have learned in my life.

17I like to make lists and follow them to accomplish many things.

18I really want to be friendly and get along with everyone I know.

19I hate to make mistakes. I need to have the right answer.

20I go all out to win. I like activities that are physical and competitive.

21I learn and work best when by myself rather than in a group.

22I need freedom and flexibility. I hate following a lot of rules.

23I like to belong to clubs and service groups that do useful deeds.

24I am naturally sensitive. I get my feelings hurt easily.

25I need to learn and do things by following a schedule and routine.

26I want to make the world a better place for others because I care.

27I am naturally playful and have a good sense of humor.

28I like to spend time alone so I can think and analyze my thoughts.

29I love it when people learn and work together in cooperative ways.

30I enjoy entertaining others and making people laugh.

31I need to be responsible and have others see me as responsible.

32I enjoy thinking and using my mind to solve problems.

33I like to spend time helping others get along and feel happy.

34I am a natural problem-solver and enjoy analyzing problems.

35I desire excitement and adventure. I crave feeling a "rush".

36I need to do what is right. I have a strong sense of right and wrong.

37I have difficulty sitting still and being attentive for long periods of time.

38I am naturally affectionate and nurturing in my relationships.

39I really value intelligence. Others see me as analytical and intelligent.

40I complete my work before I relax or play. Work comes before play.

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