WHAT "COLOR " Are MY CHILD'S “Character Qualities

Directions: Read each sentence below. Write the number that best describes how your child naturally is. There are no right or wrong answers. Children have different core preferences. This questionnaire helps you discover what your child's core character qualities are. This information will help you understand yourself and your child better. Read each question carefully and choose the number that Is most like your child. After you finish, total your answers for each of the four "color" sections. The section with the highest number is your child's Innate core character quality color. Remember research has shown that children are born differently.

Choose the number between (0-5) that tells how you naturally are, Not how you feel someone else wants you to be.

1My child needs to do fun and exciting things in school.

2My child likes change and variety in his/her life.

3My child acts without thinking about it and Is impulsive.

4My child likes to take risks and feel a rush of a thrill

5My child likes games and sports that use his/her body.

6My child does not like to follow the rules.

7My child has a lot of energy and needs to move around.

8My child Is playful and enjoys entertaining classmates.

9My child needs lots of freedom to do what he/she wants.

10My child gets bored easily and has difficulty paying attention in school.

11My child respects authority and follows the rules.

12My child is naturally neat and organized.

13My child does what is right and does not get in trouble.

14My child lives life carefully and avoids danger.

15My child likes teachers who do the same things daily and follow a schedule.

16My child likes to volunteer and do community service.

17My child likes structure and routine in his/her life.

18My child is responsible and is a hard worker.

19My child finishes his/her school work ahead of time.

20My child does what he/she needs to get done having any reminders from others

21My child likes to know a lot about what interests him/her. My child is curious and inventive.

22My child likes to ask questions. He/she wants to understand the answers to his/her questions.

23My child is critical and hurts other's feelings.

24My child likes to share what he/she knows.

25My child hates to make mistakes and be wrong.

26My child would rather work alone than in groups.

27My child likes to spend lime alone doing what interests him/her.

28My child only follows rules that make sense based on what my child thinks is logical and right.

29My child values intelligence. My child needs to be seen as smart and competent.

30Friendship relationships are very important to my child.

31My child needs teachers who show that they really care about him/her and have a positive relationship.

32My child cares about other people's feelings.

33My child needs to be treated like he/she is special and important.

34My child tries to get along with everyone, be pleasant and avoid conflict whenever possible.

35My child gets his/her feelings hurt easily. My child Is sensitive and emotional.

36My child needs attention from someone who openly shows my child that be/she really cares about my child.

37My child needs everyone to work together and cooperate.

38My child likes to spend time with the family doing special things together.

39My child wants to seen as special and unique

40My child does what he/she needs to get done without having reminders from others

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