The Ketterman Temperament Preference Inventory for Students (KTPI-A.) Please enter a number between 1-5, to indicate how strongly you feel about the question.

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Choose a number between (0-5) that reflects how you naturally are, not how you would like others to view you.

1I do my homework before I relax or play. I work hard at school.

2I really value smart people. Being smart and having others see me as smart is important to me.

3I want to help make school a safe and peaceful place for everyone.

4I like the classes and activities at school to be more exciting otherwise I may get bored easily.

5I plan ahead. I get my school work done ahead of time.

6At school, I try to create excitement and fun. I am playful.

7I need to take things apart and find out how they work. I am curious.

8I like to spend time helping my classmates get along and feel happy.

9When at school, I enjoy thinking and using my mind to solve problems.

10I like to take responsibility. I want my teacher(s) to see me as responsible.

11I enjoy making my classmates laugh.

12I love it when people at school work together and support each other.

13I like to think deeply about what I have learned if it interests me.

14I am active and need freedom to move around at school.

15I really like to see everyone in school care about and help each other.

16I need to learn and do things by following a schedule and a plan.

17I am sensitive to other's feelings and try not to hurt them.

18I find myself "messy" in completing homework or assignments in school.

19I like school rules to be less strict so I can do what interests me without breaking the school rules.

20It is difficult for me to think deeply and solve problems step by step.

21My favorite subject is P.E and I really want to win when playing sports.

22I would rather have someone tell me the answer immediately than thinking and searching for an answer.

23I really want to get along with everyone at school and to be nice.

24I put off my homework and do not finish them until the last moment.

25I like to tell others what I know and have learned in school.

26I do not take school rules and/or teachers directions seriously.

27I remain as a witness and will not get involved when seeing others fight or argue.

28For me, I would rather sit in a classroom quietly than joining others in fun activities.

29I do what is right and like to follow school rules.

30I care about people at school and want everyone to get along with each other.

31When I am at school, I would like to do things I like rather than what the teacher wants me to do.

32I often find it difficult for me to stop thinking about what interests me.

33I am neat and organized. I come to class prepared to work.

34I need change and excitement in a classroom, or I become bored.

35When I have a question, I do not give up easily in getting an answer. I think about it over and over and search for an answer.

36I don't care if others feel happy or sad.

37I like it when everyone in my class gets along and does not argue and fight. I need a peaceful environment at school.

38Learning is important to me. I want to spend class time learning more.

39I need to do fun and exciting things in school.

40I like to respect my teacher(s) and do what I am told.

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